Man disguised as a mannequin spies in ladies toilets. Not to catch a quick glimpse of their snatch – but to take pictures of their feet obviously.

We’ve all been there, that moment where you bump into someone then turn around to apologise but realise it’s only a mannequin, how silly do you feel? Well, next time you should take another look to check if it is in fact just a man POSING as a mannequin to get his sick little kicks.

Birmingham University Student Joel Hardman recently disguised himself as a shop mannequin – his costume completed with a mask and a wig – and hid in the ladies toilets at the Bullring shopping centre. Naturally you might think he was having a cheeky peek over the cubicle in an attempt to catch a glimpse of a lady on the loo (which is weird anyway) but alas, it wasn’t that simple. Instead Mr Hardman locked himself in a cubicle and took photos of the shoes of the lady in the next cubicle, whilst also recording the sound of toilets being flushed. Creepy.

Having been caught by security, all that Joel had to say about the matter was “Yes, I’ve been a bit weird”. Too right mate, I think I’ll forever be haunted by the idea of him sitting in his bathroom and getting off to the flushing of his toilet. He went on to admit that he’d been doing similar things around his university, and agreed that he should stop. He’s currently been released on bail and has been advised to stay away from public toilets, though he will return to court on May 10th for the final verdict. From the looks of him I guess it’s true that you should have listened to your mother when she told you to never trust a man with a beard….or a foot fetish.


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