A Person Has Been Spotted Wearing A Stormtrooper Mask At ASDA

Getting a big silly now.

We all laughed last week when someone in a full Hazmat suit was spotted walking around their local supermarket, but perhaps we should have heeded their advice given how drastic things have become this week?

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Whatever the case with that one, I don’t think anyone is going to be apologising about laughing at this idiot walking around ASDA with a stormtrooper mask on. A guy called Mark Mattocks saw the bizarrely dressed shopper stocking on Coca Cola at a ASDA in Sittingbourne, Kent and had this to say to The Sun about it:

I was strolling past the aisle with my girlfriend and we were both chatting about how empty the shelves were.

We both glanced along and carried on walking then froze and both said ‘did you just see that?’

I was totally stunned at how casually this lady was shopping with that on her head.

It looked like she was stockpiling bottles of Coke.

I mean I wouldn’t say it’s totally stunning – sorry Mark – but it is really stupid because I don’t really think that a Stormtrooper mask is actually going to give you any protection from the virus whatsoever, and it’s just going to make you look completely ridiculous really isn’t it?

Almost think that the woman wearing it was just trying to make everyone laugh/troll everyone, but in these desperate times it seems like people will try anything so I’m not so sure. Guess we’ll have to wait to see if she emerges again.

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