People Are Trying To Cancel Mr Beast Because He Cured 1000 People Of Blindness

Is Mr Beast the devil?

Mr Beast recently become the most subscribed account on YouTube  and one of his regular features is to share videos of random acts of kindness where he spends his money on helping various people with their problems.

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In the past these have included cash prizes, houses and a whole parking lot of items for charity but in one of his latest videos, Mr Beast decided to fund procedures for 1000 people to be cured of blindness and filmed their reaction to being able to see again or for the first time. He then also gave some of the people participating $10,000 in cash and presented the surgeon performing the procedure $100,000 so he could continue giving away pro bono treatments.

Most people would say that this is probably a win for everyone involved in the video, even though it’s a bit gross that Mr Beast is filming all of this stuff so he gets more views on his YouTube channel and makes more money. If he’s using at least some of that money to help other people though, you can’t really argue that he’s literally doing a good service with his influencer stuff here.

Obviously people have other ideas, accusing him of being the antichrist, being a capitalist stool and one of the main reasons there isn’t any universal healthcare in the US. Here’s a few of the best reactions:

Well yeah I suppose there is some degree of truth to most of those criticisms – aside from the devil/paedophile stuff – but I think we should probably just focus on the fact that Beast is doing some good stuff for the underprivileged in these videos, rather than critiquing society as a whole from behind our keyboards unless we’re actually going to do something about it ourselves. Hardly anyone does something good for the hell of it anyway – they’re literally always looking at making at least themselves feel good as part of the process most of the time.

I suppose there’s also an argument that if Mr Beast did give his money to the government in the form of taxes then there’s no guarantee that they wouldn’t just spend it on wars or whatever. At least this way he can see that he’s doing some good on the ground going straight to the people who need it the most. So what I’m saying is that we should give Mr Beast a break and be thankful for the 1000 people that can now see. That’s gotta be worth something right?

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