MrBeast Finished Building His Real Life ‘Squid Game’ Set And It Cost Him $2 MILLION


YouTuber MrBeast recently announced he was creating a real life Squid Game set in which real life players will be able to participate, and it seems that construction is already more or less complete, to the tune of $2 million!

The idea that people in real life will now be able to compete in their very own Squid Game (minus the death, I imagine) is pretty exciting, if a little eerie too. Never really been into the whole YouTube content creator schtick but I’m actually interested to see how this one plays out. The sets look bloody awesome! What I want to know is how he’ll recreate the part where everyone starts killing each other at night?

As for the glass floor tug of war game…

Need to see that one IRL. With the amount of views these episodes will get on YouTube, that $2m may very well end up being money well spent. Looking forward to it.

For the Japanese town that ended up spending $228k in COVID relief funds on a giant squid statue, click HERE.


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