People Are Now Trying To Cancel The M. Night Shyamalan Movie ‘Split’

Is this movie that offensive?

‘Split’ kinda marked M.Night Shyamalan’s return to the big time after a load of time making movies that nobody really cared about – especially when James McAvoy’s character (s?) ended up in a mental instutitue with David Dunn and Elijah Glass for ‘Glass’ a couple of years later.

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However, cancel culture is back at the forefront of society and people have decided to take aim at the movie, saying that it represents people with Dissociative Identity Disorder really badly and it’s dangerous for the movie to be in circulation because of this. As such, the hashtag #GetSplitOffNetflix is now going around Twitter with people sharing their takes on the movie:

I mean I suppose these people have a point in some way, but at the danger of being anti woke/reasonable, I kinda watched ‘Split’ and saw it as a superhero/supervillain movie and didn’t associate anything that happened in it as reality really? I know DID is a thing but I don’t think that there’s anyone like James McAvoy’s character out there acting like him. One of his alters had super strength FFS.

This leads me to believe that anyone who would watch this movie couldn’t be stupid or ignorant to think this either, but maybe I’m giving the human race too much credit there? Apparently after the movie was released a bunch of people went on DID forums and told the members they should commit suicide because their alters were dangerous and a few of them did, and I guess in that context you can see why the movie is dangerous and maybe should be canned.

It’s just a shame people are so ignorant, stupid and hateful that it actually has to come to that. The world sucks.

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