People Are Ruthlessly Rinsing Conor McGregor’s New Watch

I mean it does look shit doesn’t it?

Conor McGregor is fighting Dustin Poirier next week at UFC 257, but most of the hype in the buildup to the event has revolved around Conor McGregor buying a really weird new watch with a secret sex compartment for a couple of million dollars.

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The new watch might have a total of 342 invisibly set baguette-cut diamonds on the backdrop, 80 invisibly set baguette-cut diamonds’ on the lugs and a further 133 triangle-cut white diamonds on the base dials, but the reaction online probably hasn’t been what Conor was expecting as it’s been roundly panned for looking really stupid. Also, what the hell does baguette-cut mean?

Damn, the internet really isn’t holding back there is it? I doubt Conor McGregor is going to care too much though as he doesn’t strike me as the kind of person who values the opinions of people who are way less rich than him. Sure he’ll just continue to buy stupid things like this watch that most of us could only dream about. So it goes.

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