People Are Pissed That Pornhub Used A Taco Emoji To Represent Latinas


#LatinasAreNot tacos

Last week Pornhub launched their Emoji 4 Porn, a mobile service that allows users to text an emoji to a number and receive a mini-porn clip for free, which matches up to the image.

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The chosen emojis range from the blatantly obvious (scissors for lesbians) to downright cute (a little octopus for Hentai). But their choice for Latina porn, bear in mind that Latinas are already heavily stereotyped in this industry, is a taco.

Pornhub emojis

Needless to say, people are pretty pissed at how all of the other nationalities were represented by flags and ebony by a woman’s face, whereas the Latinas were portrayed as a spicy snack that isn’t even a staple dish of a majority of the Latino or Latin American community.

Cue social media backlash:

Well done Pornhub, way to piss off a significant chunk of your users. I’m sure they’ll take note and change it to something less culturally offensive. Remember guys #LatinasAreNot tacos.

For more on Pornhub, did you know that they recently launched a free virtual reality porn channel? The future is here.


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