People Are Pissed Off At Russel Brand’s Recent Comments On Working Class Men

A real man of the people.

Russell Brand was phenomenally successful comedian/presenter for a period of time in the 00s, but now people only really seem to be talking about him when he’s offering his opinion on something that he doesn’t really need to be speaking about like Cardi B’s WAP or when he’s coming out with dumb comments that are just waiting to be picked apart like the ones below.

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Brand has often painted himself as a man of the people during his career, so it’s even more confusing why he would decide to tweet something like the message below which clearly undermines the vocabulary and education of the working class. Take a look at it and then see how people reacted underneath that:

This is just a bit weird too me. Are apricot and cinnamon particularly poetic and/or difficult words? They’re just fairly common foods and spices that even if you’ve never consumed you probably would have heard of or seen at the supermarket when going to do your weekly shop, even if you couldn’t afford them because you’re working class or whatever.

Really strange choice of words there from Brand – it’s not like they’re using words like ‘Iambic Pentameter or a Trochee, you know? (not that that makes it much better) and I think he does deserve to be called out on it for once. I suppose there’s a chance he was trying to be funny as he’s a comedian, but I really don’t get how saying something like that is ironic or useful or witty in any way really?

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