People Are Pissed That Russell Brand Is Building A Fence Around His New Mansion

Russell Brand mansion

You’re gonna need security for a house like that.

Russell Brand has come under fire recently for spending £3.3 million on a mansion near Henley and deciding to build a six-and-a-half foot high fence around it for security reasons.

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I mean, pretty much everyone, mansion or not, has got a fence, so I don’t think that it’s a big deal but people have been quick to point out his “hypocrisy” after he said that security measures employed by the rich reinforce inequality.

The architect’s plans that are in the name of Brand’s girlfriend, Laura Gallacher, 28, say:

The proposals seek to improve the security and privacy of the site, which is currently vulnerable to physical and visual intrusion.

Fair enough – he is pretty darn famous after all. Both Laura and Russell have bought the thatched cottage together. In addition to the house, he is also investing another £1 million to add a swimming pool and home cinema.

Russell Brand revolution

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I mean, I can see how people would view this mansion thing as a tad hypocritical, seeing as he speaks out against the capitalist, rich society and all that. But is he really the guy who should be attacked? I think what’s more sad is that his whole revolution thing seems to have died down. When he first came out with Trews, it seemed quite exciting – he was speaking the truth and people were getting riled up and ready for action. But now he’s finished the show and the hype kinda feels like it has fizzled out a little bit.

He was still present at the anti-austerity protests that went down a couple of weeks back though. Apparently those marches have only just begun – whether we will see any outcome or change from them is another story.


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