People Are Now Making Pizza With Mustard Instead Of Tomato Sauce

Mustard Pizza


There are so many iterations of pizza now – especially since vegans started making them without cheese – that pretty much anything on dough constitutes one, but I think that everyone in general would agree that you have to include tomato sauce on it otherwise what’s the point?

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Not everyone though as it’s been revealed to me that over at NYC’s Lions and Tigers and Squares, who have decided to replace the tomato sauce with one of the weirdest possible alternatives in mustard. If you think that’s bad then wait until you hear what’s in the rest of the pizza: corned beef, sauerkraut and cheese. Even without the mustard that sounds like a completely rank pizza so imagine what it tastes like when it’s dominated by the mustard?

Yeah I can’t really imagine what would pssess someone to create that/order it. In fact, its birth was an accident when some drunk guy tried to order a mushroom slice but couldn’t pronounce mushroom and ended up getting a mustard slice instead. That is funny sure, but it’s kinda beyond a joke that they added it to the menu because of that. Seriously hope nobody is buying it and it doesn’t become a thing.

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