People Are Comparing Netflix’s Gritty New Documentary Flint Town To The Wire

Flint Town

This looks spectacular.

The Wire is well regarded as one of the finest television shows of all time even now – some 10 years after the final episode aired back in 2008 – and it’s very rare that any new television show comes anywhere near being compared to it. It’s just that good.

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This is why we should be taking notice of Netflix’s gritty new documentary Flint Town though, as many people are saying it’s the most Wire esque show since The Wire, despite the fact that it’s documentary. The series follows the lives of the Flint Town police force as they seek to protect and serve the most violent city in America.

Much like The Wire though, the show isn’t confined to just the police force but takes a detailed look at the tapestry of life in the city, focussing on just what it’s like to live in a city that suffers from a toxic water supply, widespread poverty, increasing crime and varying levels of police brutality. Take a look at the trailer below:

Yeah, that definitely looks like it’s going to stay with you a long time after viewing. If that isn’t enough to convince you, then check out all these people on Twitter independently saying that it reminds them of The Wire:

Yeah I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty buzzed to watch that right now. Shout out to the guy who compared it to The Shield – now there’s an underrated TV show too.

For more of the same, check out this animated version of The Wire’s title sequence. Flame emoji.


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