People Are Blaming Muslims For The End Of Page 3 Topless Models

The Sun

Yeah, it’s nothing to do with the degradation of women or anything like that.

As we reported earlier, The Sun is no longer going to feature topless models on Page 3 – although they are still going to feature hot babes in bras and panties so not really that much has changed.

However, this hasn’t stopped a bunch of people on Twitter being completely outraged by the change and blaming it on Muslims and ‘Creeping Sharia Law’, although anyone with half a brain cell should know that scantily clad women appearing in print would still be under violation of most interpretations of Sharia Law.

Here are some of the dumbest reactions to the news that we’ve seen so far today. Some of these might be ironic, but I fear that a lot of them aren’t.


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