The Sun Will No Longer Feature Page Three Models

The Sun

Great news.

Ever since I’ve been alive The Sun has featured Page 3 models with their tits out in pretty much every issue they’ve ever printed, but in a landmark ruling last week by the editorial staff of the paper, they’ve decided that they’re no longer going to pursue this policy.

Unfortunately it isn’t 100% over – the paper will still feature an attractive woman on its third page, but she won’t be topless and will be wearing at least a bra and panties. Although that’s not exactly the best solution to the situation, it is a step in the right direction and considering how long it’s been a staple for the newspaper it should definitely be seen as somewhat of a victory.

Friday was the last issue of the paper to feature a topless woman so if for some reason you picked up a copy then, maybe try and keep a hold of it as it will no doubt become a collector’s item. After all, it’s been 45 years since a copy of it hasn’t featured a naked woman. On Monday, Rosie Huntington Whiteley appeared on Page 3 in her bra and panties. Maybe keep a hold of that one too if for some reason you picked it up.

No More PAge 3

The decision to move away from naked women in the publication has strangely been championed by the man who introduced it in the first place, Rupert Murdoch. Maybe he’s just reacting to the fact that Aziz Ansari recently blamed him for EVERYTHING via Twitter. Murdoch had tweeted previously though in September last year that he thought the tradition was old fashioned and archaic and that he thought attractive women looked a lot better in clothes. There was also extensive pressure from campaign group No More Page 3, which was launched in September 2012 and definitely played a massive part in this eventual decision.

Unfortunately though, the tradition of Page 3 is going to continue online (why go to The Sun website to see a pair of tits if you’re on the internet though, seriously?) and it’s being said that the feature may be brought back to the print version if sales decline. Both of those are fairly disappointing footnotes to this change, but it should be remembered how long it’s even taken to get this far. Hopefully today will be remembered as the beginning of the end of this tradition and not something else.


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