People Are Getting Along In Ferguson Now The Local Cops Are Gone

Ferguson Selfies

Go figure.

After the particularly terrifying events in Ferguson over the past few days since the shooting of Michael Brown, things seem to have returned to normal following the interference of the Missouri State Highway Patrol who wrestled control from the local police and their militia tactics.

The key point here seems to be that the Highway Patrol Captain Ron Johnson is black and this seems to have calmed down protestors – tensions in the area had been rising for months before the flashpoint of Michael Brown’s death due to the majority black population’s lack of representation in the federal services within the city.

Johnson also marched with the protestors, vowed not to block the streets, set up a media staging centre and swore that the protestor’s right to protest would not be infringed upon. He also made officers working crowd control take off their gas masks. All in all, he handled the situation how it should have been handled in the first place. This – couple with the fact that he now can serve as a black figure head – turned the town from ‘the streets of Iraq’ to the streets of suburbia.

Wesley Lowery – the Washington Post journalist who was arrested on Wednesday for taking a photograph of a policeman – sent the following tweet, which kind of sums up how much the attitude in the city has changed since the removal of the local police and their ridiculously stupid methods. Never underestimate the power of the selfie.

It’s also being reported that the name of the officer who shot Michael Brown is scheduled to be released ‘soon’.


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