Pensioner Beheads Cheating Wife And Tries To Flush Head Down The Toilet

judith nibbs

Bit of an overreaction.

69 year old Dempsey Nibbs has been found guilty of decapitating his wife Judith at their home and trying to flush her head down the toilet. This all happened after she told him she was having sex with at least eight other men.

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Apparently he beheaded her because he couldn’t stand the sight of her face and she ruined his plans to retire by the sea. Prosecutor Crispin Aylett QC said:

Quite why the defendant decapitated Judith and then disposed of her head is not entirely clear but it may well be that he did it out of pure hatred at the sight of his wife’s face.

Harsh. Sounds like their relationship wasn’t too rosy before the whole cheating thing. Nibbs suffered from prostate and bladder cancer and had to wear a colostomy bag — the problems began when he started drinking heavily after his cancer diagnosis.

When he began suspecting Judith was cheating, he got his son Kirk to check her computer when she was on a trip away. He found out that she had been speaking to a guy named Khalid and she had said that his penis was “impressive and beautiful”.

A few days after this Nibbs confronted her armed with a metal bar in case there was a struggle and he had to “defend himself”. He said he only did that to get her attention, but after she became aggressive he hit her. He claims she then yanked on his colostomy bag so he put the metal bar in her mouth “to stop her screaming”. He said:

She started to scream again so I had to put the bar in again to stop her screaming.

All of a sudden she just let go and I took the bar out of her mouth.

Her eyes rolled over in her head and she was dead.

Murder scene

Yeah, that’s generally what happens when you shove a metal bar down someone’s throat.

Prosecutor Aylett said:

What might otherwise have been family tragedy now becomes terrible. You will, I am afraid, have to brace yourselves.

Having attacked his wife, the defendant then took up a kitchen knife and cut off her head.

Nor does the horror end there: having decapitated his wife, the defendant began to break her head into pieces with a mallet and a metal bar. He then flushed the pieces down the lavatory.

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Nibbs is yet to receive his sentence but by the sounds of it, he is going to be going down for a long time. Although maybe not as long as this cheating wife who brutally murdered her baby when it came out looking like her secret lover.


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