Pennsylvania State Representative Goes On Homophobic Rant After Colleague Touches His Arm

Homosexual Rant

Really unnecessary.

I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t really like people I don’t know that well touching me, but I’ll also recognise that just because someone touches me a couple of times, it’s probably inappropriate to go on a homophobic rant about it in front of a bunch of people.

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Unfortunately, not everyone is as versed in how to behave in front of a group of work colleagues as me, and that’s why we’re not bringing you the video below. It comes from some meeting between politicians in Pennsylvania State and involves one guy going off on a rant at another guy who keeps touching his arm about how he’s heterosexual and doesn’t appreciate it.

Probably a bit too much there mate:

Wow. Guy handles it pretty well – I’m not sure if he’s openly gay so it’s actually really insulting or that stiff is just saying that because he really doesn’t appreciate being touched, but either way it’s pretty cool of him to just laugh it off and shut down the meeting. I wonder if anything ever actually gets done in that legislation with dumb stuff like this going on all the time?

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