Spanish Street Artist Pejac Visits Istanbul And Creates Beautiful Optical Illusion Street Art

Pejac Featured

His legacy continues.

We feature optical illusion street art (and even optical illusion tattoos) on the site fairly regularly, and we featured Spanish street artist Pejac a couple of months ago because he creates some of the trippiest optical illusion pieces of street art out there. He recently visited Istanbul where he obviously left some traces of his work. These are located in the Asian side of the city in the district known as Uskudar and the series is called ‘Lock, Poster and Shutters’ for obvious reasons. The art was created using acrylic paint, pencils and sandpaper to create the look that the pieces are blending in with the environment around them, so much so that at first look you might actually believe that they’re part of the environment rather than clever pieces of street art.

Check them out below. I’m sure you can figure out which is which.

Pejac 1

Pejac 2

Pejac 3

Pejac 4

Pejac 5

Pejac 6


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