Spanish Graffiti Artist Pejac Makes Some Of The Trippiest Art Ever

Pejac Feautred

You don’t want to run into any of these when you’re on LSD because they’re already triply enough.

Graffiti (and even 3D graffiti) has been around for a long time now but this guy Pejac over in Spain has come up with a revolutionary new way of integrating his art into the actual real life features of the streets he’s tagging. The results are pretty spectacular and also kind of trippy/confusing when you try and figure out just what is going on in them. Better to just not worry about that though and just enjoy them for what they are. Or at least try to.

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Pejac 1

Pejac 3

Pejac 4

Pejac 5

Pejac 6

Pejac 7

Pejac 8

Pejac 9

Pejac 10

Pejac 11

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