Peado Gets Ambushed By Dark Justice; Delivers The Most Pitiful Excuse (VIDEO)

Pull the other one.

Paedophile Stephen Bateman thought that he had arranged to meet a 13-year-old girl after they had been chatting on Facebook.

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However, vigilante group Dark Justice were behind the entire interaction. The footage below shows the moment the pervert turned up to meet the young girl, only to be instead confronted with a bunch of angry men.

Bateman initially claimed he was only there to see the seaside quayside in Newcastle. However, it was clear from the messages that he was not just there for the sights.

And yet, despite adding the ‘girl’ on Facebook and pleasing guilty to attempted grooming, the judge let him walk from court. Why? Because of his pathetic excuse that he was only there to “kiss and cuddle her” and because of his immaturity and low intellect. So you’re saying that if you’re dumb and you’ve got a flimsy excuse, then you can be a paedophile? That’s weird.

Prosecutor Emma Downing said:

He said his only intention was to look at the Quayside beach and denied sexual motivation.

He said they were only going to chat.

Pull the other one, just check out those texts:


Well, that pervert has walked free. The blood will be on the judge’s hands if he ever tries to meet up with another 13-year-old, which he quite clearly will.

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