This Company Will Pay You To Travel The World And Drink Whiskey

Where do I sign up?

Like drinking whiskey? Like travelling the world? Want to get paid to do both of those things? Then this could be your lucky day.

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Grant’s Whisky up in Scotland is advertising for a new job where you literally get paid to travel the world drinking and promoting their whiskey. It sounds like it’s going to be pretty difficult to get the job though, judging by the process.

Firstly, you’re going to have to absolutely love whiskey and know everything there is to know about it. Secondly, you’ll have to complete this three stage interview:

Stage #1: Instagram (or Facebook)/Email applications

We are looking for someone who can embody their approach and personality in a drink containing three ingredients (including Grant’s whisky). We will be assessing entries against the following three criteria:-

Distinctiveness: Is the drink intriguingly different? Does it align with the core brand values ie celebrating collective achievement?

Creativity: Does the drink have an interesting name? Is the copy engaging? Does the accompanying picture exhibit an ability to capture the attention of others?

Intrigue: Does the drink tease the imagination and make the audience want to learn more about you and how you might excite a wide range of new and existing audiences across the world? Can you demonstrate that you can charm people with whom you have no existing relationship?

Avoid silly spelling mistakes. Make sure your privacy settings mean we can see your entry. And most importantly for Instagram/Facebook entries, include the hashtag #GrantsInterview.   

Max entries per person: 3

Deadline: 30 August 2017

From all of our entries in Stage #1, we will select 250 and send a short application form to these people asking for more information. From completed entries, we will then work with our three global influencers (link) and internal team to narrow the field to 20 who will be invited to ‘The Mixer’ event in Scotland… 

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Stage #2: The Mixer

The Mixer event will take place in mid-September at Grant’s spiritual home in Scotland, the original family distillery in Dufftown, Speyside.  

We will provide travel and accommodation (two nights) for our final 20 candidates to attend the event where they’ll be set a series of challenges relevant to the job, designed by our global influencers and internal team. More details about the challenges and the specific selection criteria will be confirmed to attendees nearer to the event.  

From our final 20, three finalists will be confirmed by the end of September to embark on our final stage…

Stage #3: The Journey

Our three finalists will each visit three different destinations across ten days, leaving mid-October. For example: 




Each finalist will be given a suitcase of Grant’s when they arrive in each destination, echoing the epic journey undertaken by Charles Grant Gordon in 1909 when he took Grant’s whisky to the world. Accompanied by a personal videographer to document their journey, each finalist will liaise with our local teams to set up events that bring the brand’s stories and core values to life in entertaining ways. Their adventures will be featured on our website and official social media presences. The key objective will be to take the drink highlighted in their initial entry to the groups of friends they’ve not met yet. Again, success criteria will be spelt out in detail to Finalists ahead of their journey. The person who best demonstrates these criteria on their journey – decided by our global influencers and internal team – will be offered the job of Global Brand Ambassador. 

Jesus. That sounds like the most difficult job interview ever, although I suppose the last two parts of it will be especially fun won’t they? That last part sounds awesome and it probably wouldn’t even matter if you didn’t get the job as you still would have experienced an unforgettable trip.

If you are lucky enough to get the job though, you’ll then continue travelling around the world all of next year while replicating the trip that Charles Grant Gordon took back in 1909 to sell his whiskey. Sounds like an absolutely sick job – good luck if you’re applying.

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