Paul Rudd Once Pranked Seth Rogen Into Receving A Las Vegas Massage From Him

Sick prank bro.

I imagine that most of us view all those Hollywood funny guys as having pretty hilarious relationships where they just spend ages pranking each other on the sets of their movies and whilst that may not be 100% true, there’s at least a little bit of truth in it as this anecdote from Seth Rogen reveals.

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Seth was hanging out on Twitter late last night when he decided to share a short story about how Paul Rudd tricked him into receiving a massage from him:

Lol. That’s actually really funny but I kinda want to know more about it – feels like there’s more going on than just what Seth says in that tweet. He later stated that he thought Paul Rudd would be happy to confirm the story, so hopefully we get his version of events and all the juicy details in the next couple of days.

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