Paul O’Grady’s Comments In Final Interview Are Being Used As ‘Proof’ The Vaccine Killed Him

Paul O’Grady gave an interview to The Mirror last month.

Heartbreaking news today as beloved British TV icon Paul O’ Grady died suddenly aged 67, with friends stating he was ‘laughing, smiling and full of life‘ just hours before his death.

Of course, some people on the internet claim to have already worked out what happened to Paul, citing this screenshot from an interview he gave to the Mirror a few weeks back:

If you read the interview itself though, it’s clear that Paul O’Grady is referring to the effects of Long Covid rather than the vaccine, and says that the illness ‘finished him off’ in spite of getting all the jabs. This lot aren’t trying to hear it, though:


Paul suffered heart attacks in 2002, 2006 and 2014, way before Covid or the vaccines were even a thing, and his parents both died of heart issues. So it’s pretty apparent he had a dodgy ticker for a long time. Whether it’s a good idea getting an experimental vaccine when you have a heart defect is another story, but to attribute his death to either the vaccine or Covid just seems unfair at this point, when he’d been dealing with heart issues for so long.

Unfortunately these are the narratives we’re destined to read on social media any time someone dies suddenly from now on. That’s just the way it goes in the post-Covid era.

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