Paulo Costa Just Found Out That Stylebender Humped Him After The Fight & He Is PISSED

I think Paul Costa legit wants to kill Stylebender.

After weeks of talking shit about each other, UFC Middleweight champion Israel Adesanya and challenger Paulo Costa finally got it on the other night, with the champ making relatively easy work of his opponent.

That should have been the end of it, except Israel opted to celebrate his win by humping a dazed and confused Paulo Costa and making him look like a little bitch:

Not to mention how he’s been dancing all over Costa’s grave on Twitter ever since:

Jesus. Imagine getting KO’d, humped in front of the world, and then having to deal with all that trolling on top of it? Tough week for Paulo Costa indeed.

Well it turns out Paulo Costa wasn’t even aware of the fact he got humped until he watched the fight back afterwards, and now he’s fucking PISSED, calling Adesanya “human trash” and ominously referring to the whole thing as a “grave situation”:

Yup, that’s a man with murder on his mind right there. I mean even if you don’t approve of what Stylebender did after the fight, you have to admit this response from Costa is pretty amusing. You’ve got this big strong geezer absolutely LIVID to find out he got humped after being knocked out on Saturday and is now demanding a rematch… which he probably won’t even get.

Costa also mentions that although he’s not a man who likes to make excuses, “something happened before the fight”, whatever that means. Who knows. All that’s for sure is that Israel Adesanya isn’t letting him off the hook that easy after he was being a total dick to him in the lead-up to the fight. Bet he feels like a proper dick now pulling out that white belt at the pre-fight weigh ins:

That’s the fight game I suppose – sometimes you’re made to eat your words in brutal and humiliating fashion. Thoughts & prayers with Paulo Costa at this difficult time.

To watch a woman call the police on a dog for humping her at the park, click HERE. Karen overload.


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