Woman Calls The Police On Dog For Humping Her Dog At The Dog Park (VIDEO)


If you’re the type of person who has a problem with dogs humping each other at the dog park, then you should probably reconsider being a dog owner.

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This man and woman were both at the dog park minding their own business when, as is often the case at dog parks, their dogs started running about with each other.

One thing led to another and the man’s dog mounted and began humping the woman’s dog. How did this lady deal with it? Um, by calling the police on the man’s dog.

Watch below:

Unreal. It pretty much sums up human relationships vs dog relationships. While that woman and man are standing there being awful to each other, those dogs just keep running around/having fun/shagging without a care in the world. They really are so much better than us.

P.S. Here’s that ‘BBQ Becky’ video the guy references – classic:

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