Patrice Evra Once Took A Shit In Gerard Pique’s Shoes

Evra Pique


Patrice Evra is well known as being a bit extra and a complete and utter weirdo, but I’m not sure if anyone of us realised the depths of his depravity until his recent appearance on A League Of Their Own where he talked about the time he took a dump in Gerald Pique’s boots.

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The pair played together briefly at Manchester United in 2008 when Pique was a youth teamer and he managed to attract Evra’s ire when he decided to set his boots on fire. Evra simply wasn’t having that and decided to get his own back by taking a shit in his boots. Here’s a video of him telling the story:

They burned my trainers and it wasn’t funny.

It was actually Gerard Pique, and what I have done to him, I take his shoes, I go in the toilet and I shit inside of them.

Damn that is ruthless – perhaps even too far? Having said that burning someone’s shoes is a pretty dick move in the first place so maybe it’s all fair play. Either way we’ve got another reason why Pique returned to Barcelona shortly after as it seems like Evra was bullying him. If you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen I guess.

For more Evra, here he is trolling Dimitar Berbatov like a legend. Nice one.


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