Devastating High Speed Crash Results In All The Passengers Flung Through The Windscreen (VIDEO)

Car Crash Flung Car

Always wear your seatbelt.

One of the first rules of driving is that you should always wear your seatbelt, but time and time again you encounter people that just don’t bother – this video might make them think differently.

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In the video – shot in Russia naturally – a 19 year old driver tries to overtake two cars on a narrow road but manages to lose control of his vehicle. The car smashes into an oncoming truck and all three passengers – clearly not wearing their seatbelt – are flung immediately onto the road through the windscreen. Brutal:

Ouch. No news on whether or not they’re OK, but nobody died on impact and they were all rushed to hospital, so you can probably assume they’re at least alive. But Jesus man, wear a seatbelt – can you imagine getting smashed so hard that everyone in the car flies out of the windscreen? Insane.

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