Passengers Cheer As Woman Who Stormed The Capitol Is Removed From Plane


Yet another story about the fallout from the assault on the Capitol Building last week and this time we’re looking at one of the more unusual consequences from it, as many of those involved have been put on no-fly lists by the US government and so are unable to make it back to their hometowns after their little jaunt in Washington D.C.

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TikTok user Spencer Jacques has shared a funny video of one Trump supporter been escorted off a plane after she found out that she was on the no fly list, whilst all the other passengers are filmed cheering and celebrating and telling her to get off the plane. There’s then another video of her having a breakdown in the airport whilst a bunch of other Trump supporters stand around looking pissed off at everyone and talking about how it’s a travesty that they’ve been placed on no fly lists.

Check out the videos below:

@tjspencerjacquesmore Trump supporters getting kicked off Delta as no fly terrorist. ☕ #noflylist #magaterrorists♬ original sound – TJ THE FOOTBALL PROPHET

MAGA cultists whining and rewriting the story after getting kicked off Delta flight from r/PublicFreakout

I mean that is funny however you look at it, right? It’s crazy that these guys felt that they could just storm the Capital Building and that nothing would happen to them. It’s hardly surprising that they’re no longer allowed to fly as this is pretty much standard procedure for terrorists and has been introduced to try and stop them from heading back to DC – or anywhere else in the country for that matter – in the future for other protests/insurrection attempt. Probably see a whole bunch  more of these videos popping up in the next couple of weeks.

For more of the same, check out this Proud Boys initiation ceremony video. So embarrassing.


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