The Dude Who Chopped Off His Ears To Look Like A Parrot Was On Jeremy Kyle

Guess what Jeremy Kyle made of him?

Remember the Parrot Man we wrote about not that long ago? 57-year-old Ted Richards appeared on the Jeremy Kyle Show this morning alongside his girlfriend Susie, and turns out he’s an alright guy in the end.

Watch below:

Even Jeremy Kyle seemed to like him, which must count for something considering how much he loves crapping on his fellow human beings.

People on Twitter seemed pretty charmed by him too:

Well, to each his own at the end of the day. You want to cut off your ears, tattoo your eye balls and transform yourself into a human parrot? Go for it. Ted Richards wanted to become The Parrot Man and now he is he Parrot Man. You have to respect it on some level.

I mean come on, it’s not like he spent $100k on looking like Justin Bieber. Boy what a disaster story that was.


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