Paravelo: The World’s First Flying Bicycle

A look at the Paravelo, the world’s first flying bicycle invented by UK based company XploreAir.


I’m sure many of you have faced the dilemma of being on a casual bike ride when suddenly you feel the urge to take off and have a fly around? Maybe not. Thankfully for those that have suffered this problem, there is now a solution. London based company ‘XploreAir’ have come up with an advanced prototype for a bike that transforms into an ‘aircraft’ that’s capable of reaching altitudes of up to 4,000 ft.

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The Paravelo, designed by John Foden and Yannick Read seems to work by attaching a trailer with a massive fan to the back of a bike with a paraglider tied to it. Although it isn’t the most exciting in terms of design, the bike does seem to work quite well – not sure what else to expect from a flying bicycle – and is apparently capable of speeds of 15mph on land and 25mph in the air.

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I know you’re all desperate to run out and go get one but you’ll have to hold out for a little while as XploreAir have said they need £50,000 to finalise the design before it’ll be available to buy. I suppose only time will tell how well this idea takes off  but I can only see those with more money than sense forking out the ridiculous price it will cost to be one of the first to own the Paravelo. Give it a few more years and a sleeker design and this could be something everyone is after, until then it just looks like a really powerful fan on the end of a bike with a parachute attached to it.


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