NeverWet: Possibly The Greatest Invention Since The Internet


NeverWet is a brand new product that can cover anything in a superhydrophobic coating that makes anything water or oil-based shoot right off it. It looks pretty groundbreaking.

Real talk: this is some groundbreaking shit.

(Shout-out to Ben Nuttall for his tip-off hat-trick.)

The company is called Ross Nanotechnology, LLC, and Vinod Sikka is the director of research and development. The product is called ‘NeverWet’ and it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Basically, if you spray this stuff on practically anything, water and oil cannot touch it. I’m not gonna go into minute scientific detail but what it does is cover any surface with a superhydrophobic coating that repels anything water- or oil-based. We’re talking everything from wine to mud – it just shoots right off the surface.

Now, you may be thinking at this point, “What’s so bad about water? Yeah it’s annoying when stuff gets wet or dirty but why is this product SO important?”

Well, let’s take a look at exactly what won’t happen if water can’t work it’s magic:

  • Metal won’t corrode.
  • Wood won’t degrade.
  • Electrical equipment won’t arc and fail.
  • Clothing and fabrics won’t get wet or dirty.
  • Cardboard packaging won’t wilt.
  • Ice won’t stick to things – it’ll just fall straight off (no more getting up early to scrape your windscreen)
  • Bacteria won’t collect on surfaces (think hospitals, kitchens, bathrooms, etc)
  • Dirt won’t collect on outside surfaces – because rain or a quick spray of water will carry all dirt away (think windows, rooves, windscreens)

Seriously, how incredible does this stuff sound? And you haven’t even seen it in action yet. Check this out:

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You’ll have to sit tight for a while before you can “SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!” because it’s not on sale yet, but they said it would be by mid-2012 so it’s already months overdue.

Also, I’d guess it’d be super-expensive and probably not worth the money for personal use just yet. But big industrial companies are definitely gonna snap this shit up in a second, which (and I’m just spitballin’ here) I’d assume would lower their production costs due to far less damage to machinery, cleaning, etc, which might allow them to sell their products at a lower cost and so could allow us to reap some of the benefits of NeverWet sooner rather than later.

Either way, even if it’s too expensive now, after a few years the price will come down and I’d put money on it being a household necessity by 2020.

I’ll leave you wet for NeverWet with this somewhat odd combination of examples of its uses and gangsta rap.

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