Pamela Anderson Shares Old School NSFW Image To Remind Us To Remain Calm

Thank you for your service.

It’s been a little annoying having celebrities like Alyssa Milano and Julia Roberts tell us to stay calm and that everything’s going to be OK as they quarantine from their multi-million dollar mansions with home gyms, cinemas, swimming pools, private chefs, and all the rest of it.

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I mean at least throw in a little nude or something if you genuinely want to cheer us up, right? Well good thing we can always rely on veteran of the game Pamela Anderson to give the people what they want, while also reminding us to #staycalm:

Taking it way back! I wasn’t sure if we could post nipple on the site so you can check out the NSFW version HERE. So generous of Pam to bless us with this old school nude while we’re all cooped up at home and wondering when we’ll be let outside again. A real humanitarian, some might say.

As we’re here, why not take a stroll down memory lane with some more old school Pamela Anderson:

A national treasure indeed.

P.S. Bit of a weird flex for someone who once said porn is for losers, but we’re not complaining.


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