Pamela Anderson Accused Of ‘Racism’ And ‘Cultural Appropriation’ Over Halloween Costume (NSFW)

Here we go again.

The other day we saw Love Island’s Molly-Mae facing abuse online for her ancient Egyptian-themed Halloween costume, and now it turns out Pamela Anderson is receiving similar stick and accusations for her Native American themed outfit.

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Here’s what the Baywatch legend wore:

And some of the responses:

Nauseating stuff. How big of a loser do you have to be to get mad at someone’s Halloween costume? Good news is there were some sensible responses amid the madness:

Fortunately, Pamela Anderson is solidly in the camp of celebrities who refuse to cave in to the online social justice mob:

Good on her. I know cancel culture is a big thing now but you can’t cancel a legend like Pamela Anderson, can you? Obviously someone as switched on as her who has been in the game for years would know that this Halloween costume would rub certain people up the wrong way, so it’s great that she went ahead with it anyway.

It’s all well and good being a famous celebrity who is accused of this sort of thing though, what about this poor kid who was beaten up at school because he’s a white boy with dreadlocks?


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