Paige Van Zant Shares Photos Showing The Brutal Effect Of Weight Cutting

UFC Fight Night: Ultimate Media Day

Cutting weight is one of the most brutal parts of competing in any combat sport and many of us don’t realise just how savage it can be and how difficult it is for the fighters to actually achieve.

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Paige Van Zant is trying to rectify that issue though by sharing the details of her last gruelling weight cut. Regularly Paige is a solid 137 lbs, but because she was competing in the strawweight division she had to lose 22 lbs to get down to 115 lbs. And then in her last fight she lost in the first round to a rear naked choke – what a waste of time.

Anyway, looking at these pictures and hearing stories about her passing out multiple times during her cut just drives home how unhealthy the whole process is:

Seriously upsetting pictures there. Fortunately for Paige she won’t have to take part in such brutal cuts anymore as the UFC have finally opened up a flyweight division for women to fight at 125lbs.

But that probably isn’t going to help the real problem and that’s that weight cutting even exists in the first place. It’s an absolutely horrendous practice and the UFC/MMA/combat sports higher ups really should try and do something about it to abolish it.

Not really sure how that could happen, but the problems with it just seem to be getting worse and worse. Check out this video of Cyborg looking like she’s almost dying during a weight cut if you don’t believe me. Brutal.


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