Watch This Unreal Footage Of Cris Cyborg Close To Death After Inhumane MMA Training

Pushing it to the limit.

Cris Cyborg dominated every second of her two-round clash against Lina Lansberg on Saturday, but she almost didn’t even make it to the arena after going through HELL to make the weight for the fight.

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Cyborg revealed last Monday morning that she still weighed 165lbs – 25lbs more than the 140lb catchweight.

She literally had to lose 25lbs in 4 days – impossible, right?

Not if you’re a fucking headcase like Cyborg. In the footage below she can be seen sobbing as she’s wrapped in dehydration sheets at ridiculous temperatures to drain every drop of water from her body. This is on top of actually training round the clock:

At one point her trainer says:

What we do is we all sit here in a room and watch a human bringing themselves close to death.

Remarkably, she managed to make the weight target and even had enough energy to take a decisive victory:

That’s one tough bitch right there. Joe Rogan might want to think twice next time he takes the piss out of her on his podcast.


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