You Can Now Get Paid £18,000 A Year To Eat Doritos

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Dream job.

More and more ridiculous jobs for people to solely eat/drink one product for a whole year seem to be emerging and this one where you get paid £18,000 a year to pretty much eat Doritos and go to a few meetings a year might be the best one yet.

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I say that because most of those jobs are normally part time wages for a part time job and normally involve drinking copious amounts of alcohol, but this one just sounds like a job where you eat crisps and do very little else but still get a full time wage (almost). Anyway, here’s what you’re expected to do for the role:

Doritos Job

Literally sounds like hardly any work at all, does it? Just go to a couple of focus groups and come up with a couple of ideas for marketing campaigns, all the while getting paid for it and getting a year’s supply of free crisps. What’s not to like? I guess the wage could be higher but I suppose when you’re not really doing much work you can’t complain about making bank like that, can you?

All you need to do to get the job is fill out this application form which you can find right here. Be warned though it has some slightly more challenging questions on it than your usual fare, like ‘if you could invent a new flavour of Doritos what would it be?’ and ‘what’s the boldest thing you would do for Doritos? Not sure what this whole ‘bold’ thing with Doritos is but seems like they’re downing out on it so you better come up with a good answer. Good luck.

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