When Anti-Gay Trolls Abused Doritos This Man Dealt With Them In His Own Way


Doritos didn’t have the balls to step up to the haters, but this guy did…

Last week, Doritos announced the launch of new limited edition rainbow crisps that were being released in order to raise awareness of LGBT issues. They’re not going to be available in stores and you can only obtain them if you send $10 direct to Doritos, which will go directly to charities supporting LGBT issues.

Of course, although the vast majority of normal people would think this was a pretty cool idea and be fairly impressed that Doritos were actually doing something cool like this to improve their image, there were the inevitable morons who decided to take to social media and tell them that they would never again be buying their products due to their support of homosexuality.

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Twitter and Facebook saw the brunt of these uneducated comments but one guy called Mike Melgard decided to troll all these assholes good and proper by pretending to be Doritos and responding to them. He changed his icon to a picture of the Dorito rainbow chips and changed his username to Doritos ForHelp and went about completely and utterly murking some of these guys.

You would have hoped that Doritos themselves would have had the guts to respond with comments like these to their lost client base, especially when they had already made the bold step to release these crisps, but it doesn’t seem like they’re up for it. Thankfully Mike Melgard was and he absolutely nailed it. I bet none of these people were complaining when Pizza Hut announced Doritos stuffed crust were they? Change isn’t always a bad thing guys.

Scroll through some of is best replies on the slideshow below. Use the arrow keys to scroll left and right.

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