The Paedophile Who Shared A Video Of Himself Raping A Baby Has Been Arrested

They’ve got him.

We reported earlier this week on the huge manhunt over in Oklahoma City for a paedophile who shared footage of himself raping a 6-month-old baby and then went on the run.

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Good news – 22-year-old Brice Gage Watkins has been arrested and what’s more, he was pictured with what appear to be two black eyes in his mugshot:

Watkins was found after US Marshals were tipped off that he was hiding out at the home of a ‘known associate’ in San Marcos, Texas. So some distance from his native Oklahoma where the incident took place.

He has been brought into custody almost a month after the video said to show him raping a 6-month-old baby was passed to police by a female acquaintance he had inexplicably sent it to. The woman recognised the child in the video, and thought the clip had been made in the victim’s home, which she had previously visited. Thank fuck she passed it over to police.

A second woman received the same clip, in the form of a screen recording which at one point flashed up a message saying ‘Whose child is this?’ Both women identified Watkins as the man abusing the baby in the video.

If anything, this little prick is lucky the police found him before anyone else did. Unfortunately for him he’s on his way to prison for a long time and we all know what happens to men who rape children – let alone babies – in prison. They’ll absolutely love him in there!

Real talk though he’s in for some unimaginable pain and suffering and I don’t think anyone’s going to feel too bad about it. It’s crazy to think that people capable of abusing a baby in this way even exist, let alone be so brazen about it to film the act and distribute it to other people. Maybe subconsciously, he knows what he deserves and so put the footage out there knowing it would eventually lead to his arrest. Or maybe he’s just a fucking moron as well as a twisted child abuser. Either way – he’s a goner.

To watch a paedophile fall over and bust his face while running away from paedophile hunter vigilantes, click HERE.


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