Dark Justice Release Vigilante Video After Luring In Peado Sending These Horrific Messages



You’ve really got to wonder when judges let people who are paedophiles off jail sentences, as it seems like so many get caught reoffending. If it wasn’t for groups like Dark Justice, then I’m sure there would be even more. Hell, there’s probably already a shit tonne of stuff going on that we’ll never know about, judging by how many people they do catch.

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This is once again one of those times when vigilante groups are responsible for catching paedophiles that the police probably do have a clue about, but just aren’t keeping tabs on at all. A 26-year-old guy named Richard Oglesby – who had been spared jail after being convicted of sexually abusing a girl he met on Facebook in 2011 – added a 13-year-old girl named Hayley’s profile and started talking to her.

Initially when he found out how old she was, he left the conversation, but when she kept talking to him, he couldn’t help himself. He was immediately sending her sexual messages and dick pics, and eventually decided to meet up with her ‘for a kiss’. Of course, it was actually Dark Justice who he met up with:


Oglesby 2


Ouch. That’s gotta suck when you get caught out like that on camera, but there’s one way to make sure it never happens: Don’t fucking do it in the first place.

Oglesby has now been sentenced to two years in jail, which probably isn’t really enough either. Judge Amanda Rippon told him:

You began conversations with what you understood to be a 13-year-old girl.

The conversations were relatively platonic for the first few weeks but that changed and you decided you would ask her whether or not she was a virgin and whether she wanted company in bed.

You knew it was wrong.

The messages continued, you wanted to meet her, kiss her, cuddle her. You knew it was wrong, you made it plain during the messages.

I suppose if he knows it’s wrong that might be why he’s getting such short sentences/no sentences, but surely he should have to go to some kind of therapy or something to try and subvert these urges? Here’s hoping jail sorts him out and he doesn’t reoffend again, but I’m not confident.

For more paedophile hunters, check out what happens in Russia to paedophiles who get caught by these kinds of gangs. I’ll give you a clue – it’s a lot more brutal.



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