Suspected Paedophile Attacks Man In Court While Yelling “Did You Learn Your Lesson?” (VIDEO)

What the…?

There were bizarre scenes in a Houston, Texas, court room this week as a suspected child molester was filmed attacking another man during a court appearance and asking him if he’d ‘learned his lesson’.

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David St John, 39, had just had his case called when he got up, walked toward a bench in front of him, and then started verbally and physically attacking the other man who, as far as anyone knows, is a complete stranger to him:

I just love how the other guy immediately gets up and legs it out of the court room like Speedy Gonzales. Can just imagine him bolting out of the building and not stopping until he was all the way back home to safety. Which is fair enough I guess because that must have been pretty terrifying.

St John was arrested hours after he was allegedly found with a 16-year-old girl in a hotel room, having taken her there without consent, according to KTRK.

The suspected pedophile is accused of grooming the girl, who is a year below the age of consent in Texas, by liking her photos on social media. He is then said to have picked the youngster up at her house after inviting her to smoke weed with him.

At the hotel, he allegedly performed multiple sex acts on the girl, and ‘abused’ her with an unloaded gun, before pulling its trigger. He also held the gun to her head and made her eat what she believed to be ice, but turned out to be crystal meth.

So in addition to being charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child and being a felon in possession of a weapon, he’ll probably have an assault charge added on top of that too. Good going, David St John! Let’s see if he can add a few more charges to his name by the time he’s back in court on March 26.

To watch a police officer absolutely obliterate himself trying to stop a drug suspect from escaping a court house, click HERE. That had to hurt, big time.


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