Pablo Escobar’s Brother Is Raising $50 Million To Impeach Donald Trump

Escobar Trum

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The hatred for President Donald Trump seems to grow larger every day – especially at the moment as he continues with what can only be described as his idiotic government shutdown – but I didn’t think that someone like Pablo Escobar’s brother would be the man to potentially bring him down.

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This is what might be happening – although it will probably fail – as Escobar has set up a GoFundMe page looking for $50 million with which to impeach Trump. Roberto De Jesus Escobar Gaviria and his associates at Escobar Inc have posted the official message on the GoFundMe:

So far, everything Pablo and his family has done have become multi-billion dollar successful ventures.

I have always gotten what I want. Everything. I know how to negotiate, and I have the power to get things done. Trump will be impeached.

I am the brother of a Latino hero, I have eliminated many people from power and helped the poor and will do so again.


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I mean that kinda sounds like he’s a superhero/supervillain doesn’t it, but I suppose if it’s going to get Trump out then I’m behind it. Not really sure how many people are going to buy into this GoFundMe though considering that the money is going to be allegedly funding intelligence research, lobby firms and lawyers because that doesn’t exactly sound that legitimate to me. I mean they could literally be using that money for anything and added on top of that there’s also the fact that their roots are literally in one of the biggest criminal organisations of all time. Are people really going to be willing to put their hard earned cash into this?

There is the slight tidbit of a smoking gun when Roberto promises that he has some ‘dirty secrets’ on Trump from Escobar’s Incs dealings with him in the past. Again, not sure if that’s really going to be enough to part with my hard earned cash – especially when so many of Trump’s dirty secrets have already been exposed without any repercussions – but hey maybe some people will and Roberto will end up taking him down. Stranger things have happened.

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