The Artist Formerly Known As P Diddy Has Changed His Name Again

It’s that time again.

Usually in life people stick to the names their mum gives them, but when you’re Sean Combs you need to switch up the alias every few years to keep things fresh.

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First he was ‘Puff Daddy’, and that was actually a sick name in the 90s that blended in well with all the other hip hop names out there. But then as the 2000s rolled in, it was time to upgrade to ‘P Diddy’ AKA the millennium version of Puff Daddy. Then a few years later he dropped the P and just became ‘Diddy’, not sure why – probably just felt like it.

Well it’s 2017 now which means another name change is long overdue. Puff Daddy, P Diddy and Diddy are all dead. It’s time for a new era – the era of Brother Love. Not kidding:

Yep – it’s LOVE AKA Brother Love now. Also the name of an old school WWF manager but I’m sure he’s got the $$$ to deal with any lawsuit that comes of that.

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Let’s just hope he doesn’t have any trouble switching up his Twitter handle…

Never forget:

For the time Brother Love beat the shit out of Drake, click HERE.


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