Ozzy Man Reviews Of People Getting Gored By Bulls Is The Best Thing On The Internet Today

Guy Gored Bull

How to make watching people getting annihilated by bulls even better.

There really isn’t anything that much more satisfying than seeing absolute idiots get gored by bulls when they’re running around taunting them and thinking they’re fast enough to get out of the way. But today we found out that the experience can definitely be heightened by getting a dumb Australian guy involved to colour commentate on it.

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There’s not really much more to say about this video other than to tell you to enjoy it as much as I did. Some of the slams in this are absolutely phenomenal, but when coupled with this stupid Ozzy guy’s commentary, it really is a next level video:

Solid gold huh? You’ve gotta feel sorry for that guy with his new tracksuit bottoms on. Imagine getting your brand new tracky bs that screwed up. And yeah, who the fuck does use a wagon in this day and age?

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