Check Out This Unbelievable Drone Footage Of The Running Of The Bulls In Ciudad Rodrigo

Running Of The Bulls

A completely unique look at people getting gored by bulls.

My friends in the Pamplona Posse regularly go running with the bulls every chance they get and recently attended the Ciuddad Rodrigo festival – that’s the same event where an American idiot got horrifically gored a while ago – where they got up to their favourite hobby.

The only difference this time though was that they took a drone with them and managed to film some completely unique footage of the running of the bulls from an aerial vantage point. It’s completely different because it’s actually pretty close to the bulls and previous views from the air have all been in helicopters, and views from the ground don’t really give you that perspective.

As you might expect, there are a bunch of solid gores (check out the one at 2:13) and people getting taken out, so if that’s what turns you on then you’re bound to enjoy this.

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