The Owner Of Binley Mega Chippy Has No Idea Why People From All Over The Country Are Visiting



If you’ve been on social media over the weekend then I’m sure you’ll have seen that everyone has been talking about Binley Mega Chippy in Coventry after a song went viral on TikTok.

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Droves of people from all over the country flocked to the Coventry fast food venue to sample the chips and curry sauce and get a picture outside. What a great way to spend your weekend.

If you haven’t heard the song yet, then watch this before you read the rest of this article:

Yeah, that isn’t really all that is it but somehow it’s captured the hearts of the nation with absolutely loads of people turning up over the weekend to see what it’s all about. Doesn’t take much these days does it? These morons below even drove six hours in a minibus down from Scotland to sample their delights and make this really cringe video that’s probably already got 10 million views on TikTok:

Wow. Are those guys even friends? They don’t really look like they’ve got the memo on what they’re supposed to be doing or why they’re even there. Love the one token guy in the Hawaiian shirt – everyone’s got one of those friends haven’t they?

Anyway, nobody is more puzzled about the sudden national attention that the chippy has started receiving than owner Kamal Gandhi, who said the following about it:

Thursday it started to get busy, and I noticed people out the front taking pictures.

I was just like, ‘What are people doing?’

We assume someone local who likes the food has made the song and it’s just gone viral.

We will have to see how the week pans out … We have to be prepared, we don’t want to run out of food.

We are having to bring all the staff in.

I think the novelty will wear off, we do know that.

But you never know, it could continue throughout the summer.

I guess there might be a slow drip of people that might get off the motorway at Coventry to check it out if they’re going somewhere, but I can’t really believe that it’s going to hit the heights that we’ve been seeing this past weekend. Most people probably won’t even remember it in two weeks because the next viral fad will have come along. Make the mot of it Kamal.

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