There Are Over 100 New Emojis Released Today On The iPhone

Finally something to celebrate.

There’s been an air of doom and gloom with a lot of the news articles we’ve been publishing lately following the beginning of the second lockdown and the election chaos over in the United States – even though it looks like Biden is going to win, the fact it’s taken so long and Trump is refusing to accept it leads to an air of foreboding – so here’s an article about all the new emojis you can now use on your iPhone to try and cheer you up. Somebody had to do it, right?

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There are over 100 of the new critters to choose from – some of which you can see above – and these include a boomerang, a piñata, a dodo, a happy crying face, a sink plunger, a green pepper, a Russian doll and an army helmet. I’m sure you can’t wait to see how you can fit them into your everyday conversations on WhatsApp hey?

One of the funnier updates they’ve added is the Italian hand gesture of a pinched finger and thumb, which I’m sure will be very popular even though I’m not currently sure what context you want to use it in. I guess when something tastes really good?

By far and away the dumbest and most PC update they’ve done this time around though is to change the expression of the guy in a mask emoji from sad to happy. Did anyone actually notice that the guy in the mask wasn’t smiling the last time around? I find it so silly that there was enough of an outcry around that that they actually had to change it, but that’s just 2020 for you I suppose.

Much better?

For more of the same, remember when this daughter died of a heart attack after her mother accidentally sent her a load of emojis? Tragic.


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