The Original Cast Of The Warriors Reunited For One Last Subway Ride Home

Warriors Cast Reunite Subway

It’s a lot harder to get up the stairs these days.

The Warriors is undoubtedly one of the coolest films ever made and its imagery and violence has also made it one of the iconic cult movies of the 1970s. Therefore, it’s not really surprising that there was a Warriors convention for fans of the movie over in Coney Island the other week, although it is kinda surprising that they chose to hold it on the film’s 36th anniversary. What the fuck kind of an anniversary is the 36th? Literally who gives a shit about that? Well, us, obviously.

Anyway, the important thing is that it happened, and loads of people went and hung out on Coney Island dressed up as gang members and were able to hang out with the cast and get autographs or whatever it is you do at these kind of conventions. I guess that’s kind of fun? Maybe.

One part of the convention that was undeniably awesome though was that Rolling Stone got some of the original cast members to reunite and wear their original gang colours and take that subway journey back to Coney Island and film it all. Michael Beck (Swan), David Harris (Cochise), Dorsey Wright (Cleon), Terry Michos (Vermin) and Thomas G. Waites (Fox) were all present and it’s pretty much a hoot/adorable to see these once tough gang members struggle to even get up the stairs of the subway when they used to jump the barriers so effortlessly.

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Cool huh? My favourite part was that guy marking out on the train, although it’s a shame that they never get Rembrandt involved with this stuff because he’s my favourite character in the movie. Other than that I can’t really fault it though in terms of how ridiculous and pointless yet still kind of funny it is. Nice one.

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