Man Has Condition That Causes Orgasm Whenever He Hears The James Bond Theme


This man has a condition that causes him to orgasm whenever he hears the James Bond theme.

A man who survived a stroke has developed a rare condition that causes him to experience orgasmic sensations whenever he hears the James Bond theme music. It’s only the second known case of a stroke survivor developing ‘synesthesia’ — a neurological condition causing the stimulation of a sense (hearing music in this case), which leads to an automatic, involuntary experience in a different sense (jizzing in this case).

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The 45-year-old Canadian also says that words printed in a specific shade of blue now also disgust him.

He says not only does the James Bond theme music bring him to climax, but he also experiences blue flashes of light in his vision and feels as though he can ‘ride the music’.

Trying to find reasons why this is a positive thing, and the only thing I can think of is that synesthesia would be pretty helpful for when you’re drunk off your face and the end of the sex tunnel is nowhere in sight. Things would be literally and figuratively drying up and all you’d have to do is throw on the James Bond theme tune and voila — jizz city. Not to mention the James Bond theme tune is totally sick anyway.

The biggest problem would be playing Goldeneye with your friends — awkward.

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