Top Five Songs To Receive A Lapdance To


Here’s the top five songs to have playing while you receive a lapdance.

Ever since I watched Deathproof and saw that scene where Kurt Russell receives a lapdance in the middle of a bar while The Coasters — Down In Mexico is playing in the background, I’ve thought to myself that some songs are made for situations like that. That song came out in the mid 50’s and now its forever known for being the soundtrack for one of the greatest lapdances in movie history – it’s because its cool, sexy and got some devilish swag to it. Surely there some of the traits as to what makes a perfect song for a lapdance? I mean, you’re not going to put some happy hardcore on and ask a girl to give you a lapdance because you’ll be guaranteed to get a limb flying into your face (not in a sexy way).

1. Jay Z – I Just Wanna Love U (Give It 2 Me)

I bet Beyonce has done this for the Jigga man.

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