Orchestra Eat World’s Hottest Chilli, Then Tries To Perform

Have you ever eaten the world’s hottest chilli and then tried to play the bassoon? Me neither. These guys have though.

If you’ve not come across him before, Chili Klaus is a viral marketing campaigner for the advancement of… chillies? Actually, I’m not sure exactly what he’s trying to achieve, but in Denmark, Chili Klaus is all over the shop making people eat super hot chillies and then watching their faces curl into a ball.

Klaus’ most recent video features members of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra playing Tango Jalousie after eating a Carolina reaper. The Carolina reaper, or HP22B, as the strain is also known, is the hottest hybrid pepper on earth as of 2012. It’s a hybrid of naga and a savina peppers and it is not to be taken lightly, or at all if you’ve got any sense.

Here’s what Carolina reapers look like, they seem so innocent don’t they?:


When I first clicked on the video below I expected the musicians to take a tiny, cautious nibble from the edge of one of these killer chillies, but to be fair they all went balls out. They popped an entire reaper in their gobs and bit down. I can only imagine the pain. Amazingly they hold it together pretty well, until right at the end when there’s quite a lot of moaning and spluttering.

The musicians all seem to be able to walk away without assistance too which is more than can be said for the two plums that got hospitalised after eating the XXX spicy burger. kudos to you Danish peeps:


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