Online Sex Calculator Estimating How Many People You’ve Indirectly Had Sex With Will Drive You Crazy

How many people have you REALLY slept with? Time to find out.

Experts claim that the average Briton sleeps with 9 people in their lifetime, but even with that number could have been “sexually exposed” to up to four million people if they’d ever neglected to use a condom.

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Here’s how the online calculator created by LloydsPharmacy works:

We take the number of partners you’ve had and what age they were when you last slept together, we multiply this by the number of partners they are statistically likely to have had, and by the partners of those partners, and the partners of those partners, and so on by six degrees.


They’re quick to add that the calculator isn’t a diagnostic tool, it’s just there to highlight the true risk of contracting an STD.

You can take the test for yourself HERE.

So even though it’s all pure estimation, this does seem a little scary. You’ve got to think the guy who left us a confession about getting an STD in Vegas wishes he saw this calculator before his holiday. Would have probably thought twice before catching a BJ in some dark Vegas alley. I’m not going to share my estimate because I’m a dignified young lady but it was somewhere over 10 million which is just terrifying. Especially when you know some of the girls you’ve been with have been, well, let’s say – “adventurous”.

Definitely a great reason to stay strapped up or just never have sex again.

P.S. This calculator really makes sense when you apply it to those OAPs who were spreading STDs on their around the world cruise. Those guys and gals’ estimations must be in the billions by now.


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